Saturday, November 20, 2010

Martain Empire Battle Report

So another battle was fought English lead by Mark and Don vs Prussians lead by Nils and Alan. Starting forces:
English on the Left side of the picture. Near ground is several companies of Kreigsmarines and a Light armored Hanson Cab AFV, center is several guard companies supported by Light AFVs and in the far left flank are 2 large units of red martians.

On the right side of the picture are the Prussians, in the near ground are Marines, and Sailors supported by a unit of Mechanized Klanks, middle ground 2 companies of regular infantry supported by another unit of Mechanized Klanks, in the far right flank 4 companies of regular companies and a field piece.

The battle quickly became a head on collision, here is the Prussian right flank engaged in hand to hand fighting as the red martians wasted no time in closing in and going to swords. Initially they drove back the companies of regulars but in turn were flanked by the reserve company. In the fighting that followed the red martians were broken and driven from the field.

On the Prussian left flank I (Alan) pushed forward and started a rifle exchange with the British units. My sailors proved quiet capable of getting off some really serious shooting and inflicted significant casualties, driving the British units to their front back, as seen by the lack of opposition in the picture. The Hanson AFV was not scoring hits, perhaps their gun was jammed in an upward position? ;)

Prussian right flank closes in and takes out the Brits far left AFV in close assault. Central units are exchanging fire, men dropping everywhere. Martians continue to flee the field, in the foreground my Prussian Marines are forced to retire as combined arms take out the British sailors unit and begin to push in the British right flank.

With the British left flank gone and the left center collapsing, a retreat was sounded and the field left to the Prussians.

Game flow was pretty good. Artillery was found to be a bit weak for the points cost. I figure the GM will do a small bit of tweaking, probably to the moral for "under artillery fire" or some such. Martian Empires rules will, I suspect, be our base set for the January VSF Venus campaign launch.

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