Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chapter 3 Episode 3 Meanwhile In Cairo

The Team is assembled at the Commission HQ to go over the action plan that the high command has come up with to thwart the Thule Society and their plan to summon … something of great power. Various Ideas are tossed around but an action plan to hit them hard is adopted. The Team equips up including explosives to undertake the job. Hurriedly as the sun is setting, the team heads out to the edge of the city in 2 trucks.

“Hey sarge, can you slow this thing down some? Geez the road is rougher than hell.”

“You said you wanted to be there with the sun up and its going to be close.”
The 3 building complex is at a crossroad of sorts and is approached at speed by the truck convoy. As they near the complex they see scattered dead people, torn to ribbons! The various members making a last check of their weapons when the lead vehicle is taken under fire from a sub machine gun!

(figures beside the trucks are the drivers and front passengers.)
The fire slightly damages the lead truck but the driver is hit and passes out, causing the truck to swerve out of control but it rolls to a stop. The following truck sees the fire and the driver yells for the riders to bail out before he has to drive through the burst himself!


The lead truck swerves to it left out of the intersection and a group of Cultists take it under fire. The second truck swerves through the Burst template and takes damage to the engine and steering, causing it to careen off to its right and it crashes into the Thule’s parked sedan rendering the remaining rider downed but the driver bails out.



The Sun sets at that moment!



Night Gaunts appear and close in!


Combined fire allows Sarge to finish one of the devils off!


One lands on top of the truck involved in the pile up and it takes down one agent after a short brawling. Amanda invokes Mystical Fires and attempts to burn it down… to no avail (made all its health checks) Then she remembers they attacked only with the coming of darkness and whips her flash bulb camera up and takes a shot, the Flash startles the beast into flying off!

The search for documents scattered about the area until a crashing sound alerts them that they are still not alone. From the rubble of the buildings, 2 creatures emerge, composed of teeth and claws, long sharp claws.


Sarge makes for a parked car but hasn’t time to search for keys, instead he throws a grenade hoping to stop its approach.


Other agents add to the carnage to try to help Sarge. He gets into the vehicle and searches for the keys (random peril).


Sarge plays a timely Trip Up to get the last bit of time he needs to get away from the creature.


The rest of the team pile into the remaining truck and barely make good their get away, leaving the Thule’s failed summoning to be dealt with by someone else!


Game setting pic

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