Friday, January 18, 2013

NEFs Under Construction

With the Lunar Campaign about to explode in war....finally... I need NEFs models at hand and ready, but with plenty of scratch building supplies and a want to make them duel purpose, air or land, I'm sticking to a more conventional build for the moment:

So first lets make a 4 inch long battleship hull. Six of them at once, clamp and file sand all the hulls...
For those not in the know, NEFs are a type of air borne ship of war in an alternate universe gener, sailing in the atmosphere and when battened down, sailing to the moon and other planets where their VSF armies wage war for expansion.

Here are the first 2 hours efforts from myself and the Mrs, working diligently away. After taking the picture she said they need barrels on the back to cut cut cut cut and she put on the magnifiers, grabbed the tweezers and glue bottle...

So, allow to dry fully and then prime and some dry brushing, put on a up lift base of some sort...hmmm probably cut some clear thin acetate and put a peg base under them for now.


  1. Great!

    Always great to see some scratch-built Nef's.


  2. Working up the "wings" and "props" shortly to power them while flying.

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