Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weird World War II Force Under Construction

So, the local group is doing some WWWII, with Germans, Italians, More Germans, Belgians, Polish and well, so, Hmmm, decided to tackle some Soviets. But not your usual source, since it is WWWII. For my rank and file trooper we went to the Gulags, for better troops we drafted the guards and to keep them all in line the NKVD!  A Hulk figure will the basis for one of my "super hero" figures, along with a Doctor Strange converts to Rasputin.

So, 4 squads of 10 gulag press ganged fellows, tough as nails (survived this long in the gulag) but low shooting skills (of course they were not permitted guns while imprisoned) , guards will be good at melee (dishing out beatings), NKVD will be elite as they are used to shooting anyone not toeing the party line. Might add in a female gulag guard squad using she wolves with smg's and Rasputin's Pioneer Scout squad (kung foo school girls) as his elite hit squad.


  1. I must admit to being very interested as to how this progresses!!

  2. Big Horde! Need to convert them a bit more.. take half of them and take their rifle away ;)

    Alfrik's new troops arrive for the battle:

  3. Wow they made a movie about the Belgian forces attacking a german position! ;)

  4. Sweet! I've got a Soviet WWW2 force planned once I finish my current Germans. The problem is that I keep finding awesome figs to add to it :-D