Monday, July 25, 2011

VSF Maddness

In the campaign a Swedish force with Venusian allies met an army of Kaptain Kneemo's Expeditionary forces.
Here are the forces, Kaptains force at the bottom edge and the Swedes at the top of the picture. The entire Swede Left flank was comprised of Newts fighting for the Swedes with a Huge Monstrous gator with howdah.

Kaptain Kneemo had his marines and sailors on his left facing the Swedes human forces, while on his right the whir and clank of his robotic infantry moved into position and locked down to steady firing backed up by 2 Medium Walkers and the Kaptain.

Left flank tidies up its formations while the right does likewise.

Into the battle the Swede left flank allies push forward into a pounding rain of shells and bullets. The Newts slowly lose unit after unit, the rear units pushing over the piles of dead, slowly advancing. when the last unit formed for a charge at a mere 8 inches, it to was cut down, a few survivors joining the stream of Newts running to the rear to "secure the camp".

The Swedes mean time had traded blows with the Kaptains Marines, driving them back, but with the arrival of the Sailors to stiffen the line they concentrated their fire and decimated the Swedes Elite Infantry units and broke the artillery.

A general advance ensued against the crumbling Swede right flank and that lead to the withdrawal of the remaining mounted units and other screening forces still intact enough to retire in good order.

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  1. Super looking battle as always! I love the walkers, and those swamps look great on the table. Oh, to be in Sacramento..