Monday, December 7, 2009

New Camera

With a sigh our 6 year old digital camera decided it needed to have some repairs on it, Estimate charges for labor and parts $150.00 Enter new camera! Hmmm have to figure out how to take pics...... experiments ensue:

Much higher resolution pictures, and there by, longer to load up for making articles, I guess I'll live with it. Purchased this plastic purple worm, it was prepainted, and broke out the paints to highlight what had been a purple / lavender 2 tone with a smear of silver done each edge.
Then a shot of Skrapwelder who had dropped over to have a cold one with me and discuss current building operations of various resin projects. Lots of projects in the works! Hmm to much time split to many ways means little progress anywhere. On top of it all had to get all the plants in from the Patio due to temp dropping to 24 degrees here in usually sunny Sacramento, CA...
Have to have a shot of one of our Watch Cats on duty. Neitchi is a rare Tinyus Tigerus breed, hair triggered to attack!

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