Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brick and Mortar Project

I know, I've been a slacker so I launched my City Scape for Pulp Adventure the other day with materials from Skrapwelders work bench. My goal is to have enough building for a city setting with either an Industrial area, downtown area or residential area ability. So, after sorting and stacking we also followed up with Merchant Store Front pieces that had to be custom cut / fit into the larger building pieces for the ground level stores.

The original buildings typically have access through doors or warehouse doors on 2 sides. So on this wall, careful cutting and insert additional door for the adventurous types to enter or exit surreptitiously. The goal for a Pulp Action game is characters working on their mission by gathering clues and or evidence with some "interactive" encounters. So, the front door is not always the Best door. Scroll saw made cutting the door out of one piece and then cutting and mounting into a new location pictured here sped the change quite a bit. Super glue to tack it into place and then pva to help fill the gaps. I rather like the multi story look for the buildings rather than trying to get by with single story ones. Getting together the, hmmm, 15 or so buildings means that there will be tons of painting.....NOT! My article of speed painting brick walls will save me all that time. Just the detail work of the windows and doors to go through to complete them. My tough decision is the side walks. Mainly due to my want of the flexibility to pose the building side by side or as single stands. So permanent base is out for that reason, pieces of sidewalk to lay down in front and around them would lead to a lot of wiggles when bumped. Generic painting of boards as grey is not appealing. Time for idea crunching.


  1. How did you make or where did you get these building facades from?

  2. These I aquired from a friend who had scratch built the originals and had some left overs I aquired.