Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acme Cultist Ltd Progress

Progress on the assembly line of Cultist production that my arch villain will be needing to supply his horde of minions. This first section will get a few more touches, such as a skeleton partly lowered, another being pulled out of the vat and down the line to the next production point. Have to stain the floor up, Egor's not to good about mopping after all. Since it is a relatively new facility I decided not to go to overboard on grunge. I probably would not want to see what is behind such a massive metal door... projects in work, or test subjects? It seems that items that are Not supposed to be pushed or pulled are Red... leading to wonderment about the Red lever on the control panel. Now a peek at the next section that the dipped body moves to, note, no dipped body produced yet, still working up a good one for that purpose. So on down the conveyor line will be a selection of "process improvement" machines. The roughed out Educator will give the cultist a basic Cultist Mk III the ability to carry out orders, remember chants and simple other actions that cultists do, such as chase the investigators, fire weapons wildly, run all about and misplace important items or documents, but do recall, They are Buy 5 and get a 6th free, good through out this Sale Weekend! Offer not open to Investigators or Law Enforcement Officials. Also to be added to this section will be the Swing Press Formers that will make the Synthetic Life form material into the humanoid form, complete with basic outfit / hood. This is a very desirable thing, synthetic clothing, cuts costs that would otherwise be incurred due to clothing them, And gives the added feature that you can order the robes color from the 345 shades available on the color chips from the catalogue. Near the end of the conveyor line will be the weapons distribution device that will give random items to the cultists. Note that these items are perfectly good in that most have only ever been dropped and recollected for reissuement no more than 20 or 30 times.

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