Friday, March 6, 2009

Venus Pond Scum

Plant life on the jungle planet of Venus grows FAST! Rains can be torrential and then everything turn steamy and the ponds dry up in days. So I made this piece to the right as a Venusian Pond. During play it is encountered and if someone or something actually tries to move across it, its density is diced for, something like 1-4 its Water, 5 its rough ground for all the tangled plant matter, 6 it has a native hungry life form in it that sees you as part of its food chain! The base is a large single piece of light weight plastic, though several scrap pieces could be glued together to make the base, after all they are going to be covered completely. The base was painted in a light green color.

Next, these plastic plant bits were pulled off their sprues and then clipped to single leaves. Each leaf was attached to the base with hot glue and over lapped. A few round balls will be scattered about to give it a bit more character and perhaps a reed type plant stick up here and there, or are those really reeds and not some sort of antenni?? Stores flat, very light weight, takes abuse well, no paint on the plastic leaves, water plants are shinny by nature. And there you have it.

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