Friday, March 27, 2009

More ACLtd Progress

Did a lot of Fiddly construction, decided to raise the huge tank up with a lattice work of metal bars instead of a solid base. Slapped a icky coat of green paint and wash on the Tank. Some of the detail of the back wall is shown with the pressure seal door and a few more covers and view screens added. Pipes connecting the green Tank to the vat and into the wall Unit behind it go in tomorrow.

The overhead conveyor track is in place, the basic Cultist skeleton structures are assembled and drying. Hope to hang them on the conveyor line tomorrow also.

Also the Tow Rig for the Model T tow wrecker is done except for the cable and hook, and painting. Have to play around to get a good rust stained look of to much work and not enough preventative maintenance! Cab of the truck is sketched but not cut. The thing that is Really slowing me down is the 70 degree weather and a marvelous garden project..... I blame the wife!

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