Saturday, March 7, 2009

Venus Cone Trees

Taking a different approach to trees for Venus, I decided to try a palm tree idea from a couple of other sites about using chewed pine cone cores for a palm tree. I picked up a bunch of the chewed pine cone cores from a downtown park where the proliferation of tree squirrels helped me out, nasty litterbug fur balls that they are.

Assembly consists of base, liberal use of hot glue to get cone upright. Next was the green plant narrow leaves from the Grass clusters that come on a grid matt, cut and hot glued into the existing notches. Start high and work down as far as you care to go. I figure the animal life probably feeds on the lower areas so left them bare. GREEN MOSS for the litter at the base of the trees.

It seemed a bit bare, so I dressed it up by adding the purple flower cluster to the the top. Hmmm I could put fruit at the base of the purple flower cluster, or add spikes along the lower portion instead of leaving it bare due to grazing.

Over all, with the materials assembled this project generated 15 trees in about 2 hours. The materials had slowly accumulated from other things I had assembled and constituted Left Over stuff, the pine cones I had picked up one day when I happened to spot them in that park. I always cruise through toy departments and parks with an eye to finding conversion parts or landscape materials.

And there you have it.

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