Friday, March 13, 2009

The Brass Gizmotronic

Shoving some stuff out of the way in the storage area I stumbled up an earlier construction I used in a VSF meets Western Gunslingers. The base over all was part of a plastic boxing support for a piece of telephone gear, a service guy left it after setting up some phone line thing.. got all technical sounding. I covered some punch out holes with thin styrene sheets, odd plastic punch outs etc. Next I added some pipes, Valve wheels out of drive and idler bogie's. The 4 gauges I had just in a bits box, no idea where I got them but figured that such a mighty machine needed something to warn the operator when its function entered the RED ZONE.... and other trivial information!

The upper tower pieces are made from TV antenna plastic bits (from a hardware stores TV antenna parts selection, fabulous variety of shapes there). The clear part are spray bottle sprittzer covers saved from past purchases. The ball at the bottom is something from Epic 40K lander pod, all mounted on a 20 x 20 thin metal base. Plastic coffee straw for the center part. I would like to thank Dusty for tireless efforts of removing all the blood splatters and ichor from the Gizmotronic after its last encounter, in which he managed to find out that standing where he is in this last shot was really a BAD idea!

While building it I added bits and more, then finally Stopped as I needed to get it painted and ready for use. I suppose a Mark II will be more involved.

And there you have it.


  1. Wow... that is GREAT! Doctor Maton needs one. This one wouldn't be available for an exchange of filthy lucre, would it?

  2. I think it's time that Ming had some similar and nasty electronic (Buzzing) machinery.

    I'll thry to get some done next month.