Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pine Tree Update

My Rule of three indicates 3 or more colors to make my scenic pieces stand out. So looking at my tree trunks for my Pine Trees, I noticed that they were mainly Redwoods, time to hit the colors. So consulting my pictures from a camping trip up in the high sierra's I decided to darken the remaining trunks to a more Cedar and Douglas Pine trees colors. I may take a few and do them in very light grey of dead trees and bare branch them. Hmmm *puts on the to do list*

Probably a bit to much light on the second photo but they are about 2 shades darker. Since they had no bases attached I used the tipped cookie sheet pan to put the thinned water base paint into the edge groove created when you prop the cookie sheet at an angle. Then I placed the trunks into the thinned paint, rolled them, place them up on the edge of the sheet to drip dry. After half an hour or so I move the trunks slightly to get the tips of the trunks out of the puddles that form while they were dripping.

So here is a better picture of the color change, the trunks on the left are original color; redwood, the trunks on the right are Cedar Pin color , also sub subs in for Douglas Fir. When they are fully dry its back to the hot glue branches on pile to be done, which is currently still at the top of the *to do list*.

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