Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acme Cultist

There is an age old question of "Mommy, where do cultists come from?" Finally an investigative reporter has stumbled on to the ACME CULTIST COMPANY, Ltd. ! Here is a shot of the first stage of the ACC. Dusty wandered through the construction site that is a subsidiary of the larger parent company ACME INTERNATIONAL. I have roughed in a few of the basic parts and then remembered to break out the camera for a few pics of the In Process part of the project. I'm not going to give away the whole picture yet but safe to say that when your adventure party goes to that small sea side community of 20 people and that night are attacked by 500 cultists, you will no longer wonder where the villain gets his mass of cultists to carry out his whims, though rarely in a very good order or success rate. Next is a close up of the 1st section control panel. I wanted small discs to make the gauges for it along with display monitors but after a lot of time haunting the craft store Beads department I came away with zip for them. Oh! over in the scrap booking department was a sale on Hole Punchers, so I grabbed a couple different sized ones and pulled some clear plastic from their packaging. Click Click Click... I then glued them on as shown to the right. Stuck on a Lever. Still a lot to do on the backing machine and the overhead conveyor system which I have laid out and ready to start gluing. A few other parts that will be in this first part have been assembled along with an assortment of plastic straws saved from various soda cup purchases at assorted fast food and gas station stops. Also some of the basic component parts of your Mark III Cultist, which has replaced the Mark I (Organic, human) and the Mark II (Organic, human brainwashed) with the new synthetic cultist. The plastic skeletons are from a swap meet, the wooden drums were found in a hardware store that had a section of wooden toy trains and trucks section, they were only 69 cents each. Have to find a good generic cultist set of figures now and I can get them ready for when the other three portions get assembled.
More Later.


  1. Eureka does have a nice collection of cultists. I am planning on posting some pictures of them on my blog later today.