Friday, March 6, 2009

Venus Palm Trees

Heres my take on Venusian style palm trees made from some plastic flowers with long pointy flat leaves. The leaves are hot glued onto the top of thin piece of oak branch , harvested from a tree on my property. I simply put the trunk in a small vice and rotate the assembly slowly as I hot glue one frond after the other. I pointed the first fronds down some, then out right and then up a bit so they would hang a little. Some tiny leaves of the same design were put poking out the top to give the feel of new growth. Probably shorten the height of the trunks some, but it is easier to shorten than make taller! To the right you can see the foliage coverage better. Leaves were untouched for the shine of healthy green, though I am thinking of maybe a wash of purple, to alien-ize it a bit more.

Overhead shot of the trees to show the way they are glued down. Some nice coverage over all.
And there you have it.

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