Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1912 Truck Project

Just found this model truck today, only problem is that its 1:24th scale. It has entered my TO-DO list to reduce it to 1:48th or so for Dusty's 25mm size to be more compatible.

Having an actual model should allow me to scale it down and then cast my own, varying the type of bed and over head cab detail to fill in a role of differing types of trucks. I expect to have a degree of difficulty but that's what makes it a hobby. Not sure that the interior of the cab may allow for the seating of figures, but that simply adds to the challenge. Got the figure at Big Lots, dug around but did not find any other styles of vehicles or even a tractor. Still have to take the time to do graph drawings and then to the table saw and belt sander to do a lot of the shaping. Might shop around for a suitable tire edging and then cut down the rim size of those on the truck to a usable size to keep the spoke pattern. So at first glance ; engine, chassis, bed, seat/dashboard and top along with 4 tires. Going to employ the KISS methodology, Keep It Simply Stupid. Oh yes! you do not have to model in seat belts! there's a time saver for sure!

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