Thursday, March 26, 2009

Model T and ACME CULTIST Ltd, Update

Busy with our 2.5 acres and spring time, but finally a breathing space, so back at it. The people at Company B send me one of their Resin cast Model T vehicle chassis. I am making a Tow Wrecker truck out of it and thought that I would post the first shot of the basic rig assembly. Still needs the upper support struts and cable. While I had originally thought that the winch was chain driven off of the back axle, a friend linked some pictures and come to find out that it was Hand cranked with a reduction gear, and large handle 2 men could work. Here is a link to Company B's website in case your looking for Model T style trucks that are usable up to world war 1. I have to fabricate the overhead cab and windshield yet along with assemble the wheels and axles that are in the kit.
Next is the ACME Cultist Ltd. project that is coming along slow but sure. The rough in has the overhead conveyor assembly and the Fluid Reserve Tank pictured in place. The Formulating tank is in place along with the control panels, though I am thinking of adding more bits to the wood backing for the piece. Looking for suitable figures, in the Gaelic line for basic nude with arms at sides, standing figure, going to need about 2 of them, Shopping!! Plan is that all the floor and exposed wall sections will be Tile covered, with stains, mold and sloppy cleaning by the Egor Clean up Specialists company..... maybe put some wall funnel lights up also...

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