Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brick Wall, the Hard way

So, I found a Rectangle hole punch, 1/4 " by 1/8 " at the local craft store. I have wanted to do my own brick walls for later period buildings but didn't want to bake clay brick and the assorted plastic kit bricks were not very appealing. Next, using Card Stock, and lots of persistent grip strength, while watching a dvd you Snick Snick Snick............ until you think you would welcome madness!

I had used the back of the card stock for spraying scenic bases and such for some time, hence the greens and browns on some of the bricks. The bricks scale for 28mm really well. Next using a marked piece of card stock and a long pin I spread a bit of contact cement and then stick a brick with a pin to lift it and press it into the glue, another stylus would push it down and allow me to pull the pin out. I left tiny gaps on all sides as my final plan is to make a casting mold off this for one story buildings. The first mold will destroy the original card stock wall but I am making it larger than I need. I have a large belt sander available to shape it as I need, so I am taking my time when I work on it to try and get it just right. I have maybe another 2 or 3 rows to go. The piece is 8 inches long. I think I will hit it with a shellac spray to help seal it from the molding material. Oh yes, there is Dusty doing what he does best, no not shooting, lending scale reference :)
And there you have it.


  1. you may be insane my friend...

  2. Andy is obviously very kind when he prefixes insane with maybe.. The green ones look like Victorian glazed bricks