Friday, January 29, 2010

Volcano Update

Getting black Paint into a lava slope is very time consuming chore of going back and back and back, fortunatly I had poured thinned black paint over the entire piece, over a large baking pan to stain it all "kinda black" before I started painting. Textured brushable caulking filled in some of the craks between layers nicely.

So top left, black stained foam gets textured caulking spread over alot of the corners and flat areas that figures will be placed on. Same with thetop right pictures. Bottom picture shows black paint applied liberaly over the entire board and the start of a lava channel in the lower left of the picture. The beautiful yellow glow on the black is from the neon light reflecting on the wet black paint unfortunatly..

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  1. Nice stuff always love rather large projects as these!