Monday, January 18, 2010

Encounter Placards for RPG action!

Having gotten tired of either a 4'x6' board to have encounters of a hand full of miniatures or a dinner table top etc, time to get some 1 foot x 1 foot tiles put together!

On the left is the floor tile and some old left over resin cast rock faces. On the right is the same tile with Kel Seal brushable caulking / textured, applied to the surface of the tile and the rock facings added in. Some sand and small pebbles have also been glued in. Planning on using some washes and while its drying to blend in splats of other dirt colors.
On the left is my Under ground Cavern encounter tile. To hurry up the process somewhat, I would cut the foam, dab some pva glue around, set in place, then lift it up and put a couple shots of hot glue under, replace the foam, pressing down. Now, while the pva is drying the hot glue held them together well enough I could move things around without having the foam pieces ..... slide around.

There is also a flat outdoor encounter placard, but its rather featureless, but I will include a finished shot of it.

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