Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smaller Filler Paint Work

While waiting for Encounter Placards to dry, paint or caulk, I have started working on some of my cthuloid critters from the Monster Apocalypse game that I bought online. To the left are the former pale green and purple slug things done with Blue wash, new green dry brush and a few other detail colors here and there and on my flat metal bases.
To the right are the base coats over the generic green that all the Mons. Apoc. figures come in, working on red and dry brushing them to lighter red while leaving the tentacles the same purplish on all the figures to lend a uniformity of purpose.. they just want to be close to the human.....

Whats this??? Well, I do have around a 1000 medieval Fantasy figures... and then I'm involved in a D&D campaign where my barbarian friend is using an unpainted off brand line figure that looks like it was made from playdoh and a super sized sword thing stuck through its arm... This is a loner till he gets something done on his own :)

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