Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cthulu Fix

Next problem for a wonderful Apocalypse figure was that this large beastie has great tentacles that he waves in the air, unfortunately, they went up and over his head....Not very Threatening to be sure.

Tried putting it in Hot water for about half an hour, then gently bending the Tentacles outward, wedging objects between the Tentacle and body and leaving it over night to cool and hopefully re harden in a new position. Worked like a charm, for 1 day, oops, day 2 they were nearly straight up, day 3 they were curving ever so slightly back in.... bugger....

Plan B, have to have one you know, was Into the freezer for an hour, remove and pop him off his base and work the base of the tentacles lose from the body, they had been some sort of hot glued on.
4 Clay props on the corners, large dollops of glue gel on the base of each Tentacle cluster, and leave over night to its current new look which I am liking much more! 

Note, the best way to shape the figure is with a Hair dryer on high for about 45 seconds, then move the tentacles to the position and then move figure to under running cold water. Stays in place.

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