Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Klanken Troopen Save the Day

A Prussian advance against a British position that was fought out recently demonstrated the power of British training with their rifles as my Prussian units were pounded time and again.

Left photo shows the Prussian advancing elements,
Klanks are on the far right. Right Photo shows the British defense prepared around the Cathederal Ruins, with highly skilled rifle units on both flanks.

Klanken Troopen on the advance. Their immediate Inafntry unit to their left was cut down by fast and accurate rifle fire while the unit nearing the trees has suffered also. Missing is the unit of British Rifles that had been holding cover to the front...5 Klanken Troopens 5 machine guns also did some good work (translates as terrific die roll!) and eliminated them!

My Prussian Right Flank forces are advancing while paying a terrible price in blood. My firing rolls on this flnak were poor to say the least but I continued to make Moral rolls and push ahead, Prussian drill training pays! The arrival of 2 British Light Tanks started the shelling of my center and damaged some of my Klanks as I moved them towards my right flank to put some of their promiscuiously firing guns to work there.

Objective carried! British center forces had been pounded by continued fire and a rather smoking, with one arm spinning randomly, Klank broke the British moral and allowed the occupation of the ruins. The British tanks and remaining Infantry withdrew in good order,

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