Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pygmy's Painting Table, WIP

Hooooo boy, cracked open some old, really Old boxes in the Cargo Bay Dark Term Storage, and behold:

On the left is a horde of 92 Pygmies from the old citadel line. On the right are more reinforcements for the CoC cultists! More painting ahead....


  1. 92 Pygmies - I am have enough problems with the 14 I have for SoBH...

    I did find these help me:

    and am very interested in how you do them.


  2. Flat black primer, putting a nut brown wash over them. Being they are so small I probably will not do much high lighting on them.

  3. You've just answered one of the great global conundrums: Can you get a large horde of pygmies?

    Yes! Should be good when done...